Fear not Clew fans! The promos can be misleading. Keep up the faith. 

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Curious what your thoughts are on the current Drew and Becky material. I thought it was rather refreshing to have this platonic dynamic giving their relation to each other through Adam. But when I saw the latest episode, it seemed as though Drew was giving his flirty smile and glances towards Becky when they were in the woods. Way to kill a great opposite sex-bond that isn't romantic. I'm not for this for reasons that extend beyond Clew. What's your thoughts?

Well Obviously this is a Clew blog, so of course we want Clew. I however refuse to comment on it here, in case we have someone who like drecky following it. There are two mods, if you wish to ask us on our personals (links in the side bar) feel free! 

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"Guess Its True I’m No Good At a One Stand" Clare//Drew 

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Aislinn + Cast Friendships: Luke Bilyk

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Laislinn + Friendship

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