Yes, I ship Clew. Yes, I loved Eclare. Yes, I am a real fan. Yes, I understand that you don’t ship Clew. Yes, it is okay that you don’t ship Clew. No, it is not okay to tell me I am not a real fan for shipping Clew.

THIS! I don’t see the problem with mutlishipping. I do it often. I am not an eclare shipper, but I ship with Clare with everyone else and same with Drew. 

You are a real fan by being a fan. Don’t let anyone tell you different. 

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Hey this is Clewness with a stupid question kinda I was, wondering if you're kitkatty from YouTube? If so I love the videos I even made a playlist... have literally watched them over and over. :) and if you're uncomfortable telling me sorry I asked..

Awww well yes I am! No its ok, I am just shocked people still like my videos! 

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So am I the only one in the fandom who is okay with Clew? I loved Eclare, but I really think Clew has potential.

Nope! We have am entire blog with many members. Welcome! 

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Drew//Clare “i should be the one by your side” 13X29 
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"You deserve a guy who makes you feel good, a guy who shows up."

"Like you?"

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I think Clare is really happy now. Just wondering when are they going become real couple wondering if it's gonna happen on the last block or mid-season finale or season 14? There were lots of flirting here and there. Happy they are a couple now or not sure. Can't see what happens in end of block.

Um.. I just said this in a previous asks, but no I don’t. I think there’s gonna be a mis-communication, which somehow leads Clare to go to New York with Eli. 

I can’t think of anything else. 

I agree with Drew Clare needs someone who makes her feel good someone who shows up and that guy is Drew he is always there for her and its so obvious he has real feelings for Clare!!!!! CLEW ALL THE WAY BABY! I have a question in teen nicks promo for Sparks Will Fly part 2 in the scene where Drew is helping Clare up in the prop room and do you think they share a heated kiss and Eli catches them in the act????

Well considering there was a description saying just that, then yes. 

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I am so proud of Clare she made the right decision for herself she is tired of Eli treating her like crap it was time for her too end it with Eli because she is happy with Drew and Eli makes her sad!!!! I agree with Drew

I agree too. Clare deserves to be happy. Even if its not with Drew, even if its single, she deserves to be happy. 

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I think it's kind of too soon for them to start dating right now. I think they should take it slow for right now. Find out its really love or feelings are there? She's needs someone be her rebound before Drew. Glad broke off things with Eli. She's needs closer first before dating Drew. What do you what's going happen next time final episodes of season 13?

I agree to a point. I don’t believe in rebounds. They never work and someone always gets hurt. They clearly like each other a lot. If its real, which I think it is, they should take their time. 

I think Clare will tell Drew she and Eli broke up. He’s all excited thinking he can finally make a move. Dallas tells him “You’re Clare’s Zoe” blah blah blah and he feels like he maybe. Then they are in the props room, and they are gonna make out, Eli interrupts, them and Drew walks away. He sees Clare talking to Eli, possibly hug him or kiss him on the cheek or something saying goodbye. However Drew is gonna take it as “Oh she does still want him” and rejects her. Cause somehow Clare ends up in NYC with Eli and Alli there.